Do what you wanted to do for a long time – Switch to another Job!

You’ve been doing Digital Marketing for a while, you’ve got too many clients and too little time to learn new cutting edge stuff that would benefit the bottom line, let alone implement those needle moving tactics. You’re week is full of reporting and boring routines.

Take back your life and come work for Aava Labs.

Huh..What Aava?

  • Company build in the Nordics in 2011.
  • A fast growing eCom Health Food and Supplements Brand, that loves Direct Response and Performance based marketing.
  • Selling products Globally to 17 different countries.

Okay, what else?

  • We’re on a mission to  build a company that is values driven and believes in Happiness.
  • A place where there’s no necessary reporting or middle management – we’re still a Startup.
  • A place where people can work from wherever they want – Remote.
  • A place that is different from others.

Is your calendar full of meetings?

Do you recognise yourself from this:

You’ve been at the same office for a year or so. You’ve got more clients you can handle and you’re weeks are turning to be more and more busy.

That’s quite okay, since you love your job, because you’re super good at it… Only if you had time to focus on the stuff that actually gets results.

Instead of of doing the stuff that you’re good at and that would matter your calendar is full… Of meetings. You got Status update meetings, project meetings, which-color-the-new-logo should be meetings and your run of the mill your personal performance meetings. You spend more time in meeting rooms than in Power Editor.

Or even worse… You’re Filling Reports all day Everyday!

Your blood pressure is rising even thinking about this. Yet again, you’re gathering numbers from Google Analytics, AdWords and Facebook and manually adding them to Excel and Power Point, so that you can send them to your boss and clients, but do they even read them? Do these phrases sound familiar (…and completely useless):

“…CPA stayed at the same level”

“CTR% on xyz campaign increased by 0.7%…”

“SEO visibility on keyword Bananas got decreased by 2 spots…”

No Shit!!! Tell me something I don’t know!!

… and next month the whole things all over again. No one even noticed, that you didn’t update the Graph on slide 12 for the n:th time in a row.

When you’re Expertise and Knowledge is only a resource on paper… But not in actuality.

You’re so busy, that you have no time to learn anything new. Or even worse, you have to learn the new cutting edge stuff in the wee hours of night, just to keep up with the marketing office next door. The so called “Education Budget” seems to only be valid for the Boards trips to Vegas. All your peers seem to be in the same boat with you, that’s why you don’t learn anything from them either.

“Did you record all the billable hours last month John..”

The month is nears to closing and you get the same questions every freaking month:

“Are you sure you recorded everything that we can bill from Acme Inc..?”

The actual important stuff doesn’t even register or seem to matter. Since it’s more important to bill your clients a huge amount, the actual value you bring gets left out. This is not even worth automating, since then the company would have to bill your clients less. What a bummer! That’s why you adjust your Bids 10 cents here and 10 cents there just to keep everything on an even keel. A better way would be to automate that… But, you know, NO!

You’ve wanted to do this for a while now – Switch Jobs!

It’s time to move on, isn’t it?

We’ll offer you a better alternative.

Come work for us.

  • Nimble Family run Business.
  • No Middle Management!
  • No Bureaucracy or Hierarchy.
  • Freedom to Work from wherever. Office not Required.
  • No meetings!
  • You’ll get time to learn new Skills and Tactics – Something only a Small Company can Provide.
  • Get to work with an Awesome group of People.

We Value your Learning, that’s why you’ll get to spend 50 Work Days per year in learning new stuff!

We believe in continuous learning and what you to get the cutting edge knowledge and tools to be a Rockstar in your field! This is why:

  • Get Access to the Latest training materials in Digital Marketing.
  • Get to attend Seminars in your field.

To sum things up, spend every Friday learning. Just because, we value your Expertise and knowledge.

And That’s Not All…

We all have a life outside of work. That’s why we also offer this awesomeness:

  • Quarterly “Hackathons” at awesome locations where the whole team will be present.
  • Unlimited supply of our own Products.
  • Monthly Marketing Budget to test new Stuff – For Example Facebook Messenger Bots.
  • A ton of Freedom!
  • An Aava Labs t-shirt ;).

Isn’t this an even better deal than you expected? That’s what I though! Cut the wishy washy thinking and just click the button below to move things forward and start your new life!

This is your chance. The offer won’t stand too long. We’re filling this position as soon as we get a suitable candidate in the door.

Take a leap of faith! Or do you want to continue your life as it is now?

Do the thing you’ve wanted to do for a long time and click the Link Below.

Fill in the few details and you’ll be off to the races! See you on the other side!

Apply here.

Do what you wanted to do for a long time - Switch to another Job! You’ve been doing Digital Marketing for a while, you’ve got too many clients and too little time to learn new cutting edge stuff that would benefit the bottom line, let alone implement those needle moving...

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